Electrical Panels

MM Systems designs and commissions field wiring, switchboards and control panels. Most of our projects are based in the automation and robotic industry; however, our extensive experience allows us to carry out almost any type of project.
A team of specialized engineers is in charge of planning and wiring for industrial automation systems. On request MM Systems also carries out electrical panels and wiring for energy distribution in buildings and plants. All our panels and wiring systems meet the highest standards and are CE certified.
We gladly complete the design and commission of projects but on request we can carry out only the design or only the commission.
Anthropomorphic Robots
Anthropomorphic robots are used wherever the highest level of accuracy and speed is needed. Therefore, they represent the ideal solution for quick and precise handling, as they are perfectly adaptable to different specific uses.
Field Wiring
Highly specialized personnel, using innovative materials and taking advantage of the most modern equipment, carry out the installation. Therefore, MM Systems can offer high quality and fast completion of the project. All our field wiring is labeled for clarity and manageability. MM Systems can also customize the design and wiring according to our client’s needs.